Beautifully Designed Burial Caskets for Ashes

Cremated remains (Ashes & bones) are the last belongings of the deceased. It depends on the family members what to do with the remains of the beloved. If people wish to scatter can be done in air or water or soil. Today there are large options to choose from. Burial caskets for ashes are available in different styles. They come in three types- metal casket, wood casket, and cremation casket. Whether you are planning your own funeral or having to purchase a casket for someone else you will be subject to many options, but this quick guide to various types of caskets will give an idea of which casket to choose.


Wood Caskets- Wood caskets are considered to be the best and a beautiful choice for burial. It is made of hardwoods such as oak, walnut and with softwood such as mahogany. Though they are rare but an ideal choice for your beloved.

Metal Caskets– Metals are known for long lasting than the wooden ones which help you to preserve your loved ashes for long. Though the price may be higher but you can preserve for a long period of time.

Cremation Caskets- The cremation caskets are actually available in your local funeral home and they are available at lesser price. They are either made of cardboard, pressboard, and canvas. These caskets though are not very good options for look wise but they are financially friendly and environmentally good.

If you are planning for a funeral of a loved one who had sudden death, choose Casket for ashes that suits your need and your pocket. At Urns UK, we offer a unique collection of ash casket which is handcrafted with love and respect.


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